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Bruce C. Baker Memorial

Bruce C. Baker Foundation Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000.00
Total Raised: $161,381.00

In loving memory of Bruce

100% of all donations made to LRF in memory of Bruce will be directed to fund CLL Research and will be matched through the generosity of The Prince Family Foundation, thereby doubling your gift.

In 2008, Bruce was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (or CLL) and fought a valiant battle over the last 3 years. At Johns Hopkins he had the very best doctors in the country working very hard to cure him. Unfortunately, on Saturday the 21st of May, 2011 he lost his battle with Cancer. He was a great husband, father, grandfather, friend and inspiration for many people and will be greatly missed.

His wishes, along with his wife's, were to help Lymphoma Research Foundation so this tragedy doesn't befall another family.

Thank you for your memorial donation.

Team Members:
Total Raised$161,381.00  
General Team Donation$88,631.00  
Christopher Baker$55,810.00  
   Karen (Franko) Footit$100.00  
   Aldrin Elementary 6th Grade Class of 2011$200.00  
   Josh Aronson$100.00  
   Jim Muir & Karen Hawkins at Hughes Network Systems$100.00  
   Christine Baker$1,000.00  
   Jeff Baker$550.00  
   Phil Baker$500.00  
   Phyllis Baker$250.00  
   Robert Baker$2,000.00  
   Sumers Beverage$100.00  
   Robin Bilardello$250.00  
   John Black$100.00  
   Robert & Kelly Brynda$50.00  
   Lloyd Burtaine$200.00  
   James Cardamone$50.00  
   Billy Carey$200.00  
   Carolyn Carr$50.00  
   Cynthia Chambers$100.00  
   John Conaway$300.00  
   Elizabeth Cooper$50.00  
   Matthew Cottom$50.00  
   Tim Curtis$100.00  
   Carmen and Kathy D'Angelo$200.00  
   Barbara Davan$50.00  
   Jennifer Davis$200.00  
   Eric and Phoenix Ditter$50.00  
   Brian Dugan$200.00  
   Coleen Dugan$0.00  
   Kevin Dugan$1,000.00  
   Paul Dugan$200.00  
   New York IM FactSet Team$250.00  
   Michael Farley$100.00  
   Glenn Farris$200.00  
   Richard Ffrench$1,250.00  
   David Frandano$100.00  
   Katie (Dugan) & Ray Gaffney & Family$100.00  
   GFWC Domonion Women's Club$1,000.00  
   Brian Goss$50.00  
   Brookeside Group$250.00  
   John Guthrie$100.00  
   Juliana & Claude Hawley$200.00  
   William Hendricks$100.00  
   Bruce and Vicki Heugel$200.00  
   Haley Hoffman$40.00  
   Ellen Kerr$400.00  
   Stephen King$100.00  
   Bob & Kara Kubala$100.00  
   Dina and Gordon Lane$200.00  
   Jay Lindsey$50.00  
   Jack and Lisa Mallam$200.00  
   David Martinez$100.00  
   Bert and Nanette McKeel Petrella$100.00  
   Kris & Bill Mitchell$200.00  
   Steven Montague$100.00  
   Kevin Mosher$50.00  
   Peter Nicholson$250.00  
   Jim and Kathy ONeill$100.00  
   Rick Ord$50.00  
   George Plesce$500.00  
   Nancy Rackley$0.00  
   Allison Rosenbaum$200.00  
   John Ryan$0.00  
   Kyla Sadler$200.00  
   Phyllis & Jim Terez$100.00  
   Kathryn Torpey$100.00  
   James Tracy$200.00  
   Matthew Tracy$400.00  
   Patrick Tracy$200.00  
   Ryan Tracy$200.00  
   Brent Wunderlich$500.00  
   Neal ZondloUndisclosed  

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