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Lymphoma Resources

Listed below are organizations, publications, and other Internet resources which can assist you in finding lymphoma information and support. Organizations listed were chosen for their ability to provide information and services relevant to the lymphoma community nationwide. Online resources are screened for patient-friendly, useful information which is educational in nature and not promotional in any way. If you would like to have your organization listed as a resource, please email Izumi Nakano, Patient Services Manager, at, or call (800) 500-9976.

We hope the following resources will assist you in learning more about the disease and available support services. We also hope you will find comfort in knowing that there are people and places to help you financially, educationally and emotionally through your journey with lymphoma. You are not alone.

Table of Contents

Lymphoma Specific

Cancer (General)

Caregivers, Family and Friends

Childhood Cancer

Clinical Trials

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Emotional Support

End-of-Life Issues


Financial Assistance

Home Health Care & Hospice


International Organizations

Legal & Insurance-Related


Pain Management

Physician Referrals

Side Effect & Symptom-Related Information

Support & networking groups, E-mail Chat Groups/Listservers


Transplant Information & Support


Wish-Granting Foundations

Young Adults Online Resources