Complementary & Alternative Medicine

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
P.O. Box 7923
Gaithersburg, MD  20898-7923
(888) 644-6226
TTY (866) 464-3615

The NCCAM identifies and evaluates unconventional healthcare practices, supports and conducts research, and disseminates information on their clinical usefulness, scientific validity and theoretical underpinnings. The NCCAM Clearinghouse offers several fact sheets, a newsletter, and literature searches with services available in English and Spanish.  

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NCI OCAM (National Cancer Institute Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

The Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) is an office of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis. OCCAM is responsible for NCI’s research agenda in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as it relates to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and symptom management.


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Commonweal Cancer Help Program (CCHP)

PO Box 316, Bolinas, CA  94924
415-868-0970 phone
415-868-2230 fax

The goals of the CCHP are to reduce stress and to provide a nurturing environment in which people with cancer can explore choices in healing and in integrative cancer care. Located near Bolina, CA, CCHP retreat activities include gentle yoga, a support group, progressive deep relaxation, meditation, imagery, massage, sand trays, poetry, and discussions of choices in integrative cancer therapies. 

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Quackwatch, Inc., a member of Consumer Federation of America, is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies. 

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