Core Values

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) Scientific Advisory Board has affirmed the following as its core values.

We are:

  • Dedicated to a cure, improving the survival of, and enhancing the quality of life for lymphoma patients through research
  • Focused on the importance of lymphoma research
  • Committed to understanding the causes and prevention of lymphoma
  • Devoted to the training of young investigators for lymphoma

We value:

  • Transparency and inclusiveness in research and funding
  • Patient communication and education, particularly regarding the value of clinical trials
  • Recruiting the best scientists and best ideas for funding

Overall Research Goals

  1. Support training of young professionals in lymphoma.
  2. Bring together investigators focusing on specific diseases or other focal points, providing seed money and support leading to external funding and/or public private partnerships.
    1. Continue basic science research.
    2. Support translational research correlative to ongoing, high-quality clinical trials.
    3. Promote clinical trials in lymphoma, especially through patient education and recruitment to clinical trials.