A Profile of Hope—Ami's Story

In Ami’s own words:

I was diagnosed on Feb 28, 2008. I had a follow up ultrasound to check on an unrelated issue. The radiologist told me she thought I had lymphoma and suggested I get a CT scan right away. The CT and MRI showed that I did in fact have lymphoma and that I needed to have surgery to confirm. I had a lump on the underside of my underarm removed and it showed I did have indolent NHL (follicular).

I started with R-CVP and after two rounds, the lymphoma showed a continued progression. The doctors seemed concerned and put me on a five day, 24 hour R-EPOCH regimen every three weeks. It was so difficult. I moved back to Michigan and was then treated by Dr. Mark Kaminiski. After four rounds, I was in complete remission. We finished six rounds total. Since Sept 2008, I have been in complete remission.

I have learned the power of prayer, the power of faith and the power of a positive spirit in getting through this hurdle. I have also learned that life is so precious. Being in the present is the key to a happy life.
I am anxious about the possibility of relapse. I try to remember to focus on today and try to stop myself from thinking too far in the future.

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