Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Due in large part to the Lymphoma Research Foundation's (LRF) Advocacy Program, September was designated as National Blood Cancer Awareness Month in 2010 by the United States Congress. Since then, LRF has been a leader in raising public awareness about lymphoma and Blood Cancer Awareness Month, not only during the month of September but throughout the year.

Light it Red for Lymphoma

Throughout the month of September, LRF hosts a variety of national and local events. Buildings and iconic landmarks around the country Light it Red for Lymphoma to not only raise awareness of the disease, but to help provide hope to all those touched by lymphoma.

Social Media

In honor of Blood Cancer Awareness Month, the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) also conducts social media campaigns to increase awareness about this nationally recognized month, lymphoma and LRF. Fans and followers of the Foundation's national Facebook and Twitter learn daily facts about lymphoma, read uplifting stories from lymphoma survivors and their caregivers, and have the opportunity to share, mention and comment LRF on their social media platforms.


State, city and community proclamations help to raise awareness about lymphoma and its prevalence. Counties across the country designate September as Blood Cancer Awareness Month and recognize September 15 as World Lymphoma Awareness Day.

2014 Proclamations

The City of Buffalo (New York)
The City of Rochester (New York)

Media Inquiries

All media inquiries related to Blood Cancer Awareness Month should be directed to Peggy Ann Torney, Director of Communications and Marketing, at either (646) 465-9109 or