The LRF Research Program: Leadership and Strategy

The Lymphoma Research Foundation's (LRF) outstanding scientific leadership guides our scientific program identifying the most promising research, exceptional researchers and essential questions requiring focus and funding.


LRF's distinguished Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) includes top leaders in lymphoma from the United States and Canada. These eminent physicians and researchers are leaders in the field of lymphoma and patient care. The SAB guides the Foundation's research activities with unparalleled expertise. To learn more about the SAB, the SAB's current and former chairmen, and to see a list of all SAB members, click here.


LRF's research strategy is a multi-pronged advance against this complex of 67 related, but also distinct, lymphomas.

  1. Bring inventive new thinking into the lymphoma research enterprise by supporting Young Investigators carrying out important projects.
  2. Fund accomplished senior researchers with significant track records to pursue projects with potential for
    1. Accelerating the development of therapeutics.
    2. Answering fundamental questions about lymphoma which are essential to creating treatments.
  3. Pursue research in disease specific focus areas to maximize impact in those areas, while also building insight into lymphoma in general.
  4. Create activities and resources aimed at supporting and enhancing the lymphoma research endeavor.