Understanding Lymphoma: Plenary Session
The morning plenary session offers attendees a general overview of lymphoma, which serves as a detailed refresher of basic information. It provides a better understanding of clinical evaluation as well as the drug therapies available for all types of lymphoma. The session is offered by three lymphoma experts who speak on a panel and then field any questions from the audience.

Disease-Specific Breakout Sessions
These smaller seminars offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about a particular type of lymphoma in greater depth. Information is presented by highly esteemed experts of a particular subtype who lecture on more detailed aspects of the disease. These presentations incorporate information on the basic biology of the lymphoma subtype, the current treatment options available, novel therapies in development and how to better manage the disease while networking with other patients and caregivers experiencing a similar diagnosis.

Novel Therapies and Clinical Trials
These intermediate-sized sessions, categorized by Low-grade Lymphomas, Aggressive Lymphomas, Mantle Cell Lymphomas and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia / Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma, offer insight to new treatment options currently being developed. Attendees also benefit from knowledge of new and current clinical trials in the hopes of making treatments better and more effective.

Living With Lymphoma Breakout Sessions
These sessions offer information on a psycho-social level as well as how to be a self-advocate in a healthcare setting. Information is offered to help patients and caregivers cope with and manage a lymphoma diagnosis. These more intimate group sessions allow attendees to connect with fellow patients, survivors and caregivers.