SNMMI Patient Advocacy Advisory Board

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) is an international scientific and professional organization, comprised of 19,000 physicians, technologists, and scientists that works to promote the science, technology and practical application of molecular imaging and therapy. SNMMI maintains a long-standing commitment to supporting patients, partnering with patient advocacy organizations on issues of mutual interest and priority, and providing educational programs for consumers to help them understand molecular imaging and the constructive role it can play in both diagnostic and therapeutic settings. Through this work, SNMMI has recognized a growing need for the patient voice to be more formally incorporated into SNMMI's programming and materials. As such, SNMMI has convened a Patient Advocacy Advisory Board to provide SNMMI staff, volunteer leaders, and members with the patient perspective with respect to molecular imaging and nuclear medicine matters.

Mission Statement

To provide the patient perspective to the Society of Nuclear Medicine; to advise the Society on the development of educational programs and materials which advance patients' understanding and knowledge of the role of molecular imaging and nuclear medicine in both the diagnostic and therapeutic settings; and to advise the Society on public policies which impact nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and assist the Society in educating relevant audiences.

Membership Composition

The Patient Advocacy Advisory Board (PAAB) consists of the Chairs of each outreach working group (volunteer nuclear medicine physicians), the Chairpersons of the SNMMI Outreach Committee, representatives from each member patient advocacy organization, and SNMMI Leadership and staff. Membership is entirely voluntary.

Patient Advocacy Organization Members

Each patient organization member will convey the needs of their organization, and the patient population they represent, to advise SNMMI on all patient-related activities. This member will serve as a liaison between SNMMI and the patient organization to facilitate communication and development of collaborative projects. This member is appointed for a term of one (1) year, and can be reappointed upon approval of the SNMMI President-elect. The President-Elect shall consult with the Outreach Committee and Patient Advocacy Advisory Board Chairpersons for advice on PAAB appointments. If the Chairpersons agree that the organization should serve an additional year, the representative and nominating organization leaders will be contacted to confirm commitment. At this point in time, if desired, the organization has the opportunity to nominate a different representative to the PAAB.

Board Member Requirements

Board Members should have an understanding of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and how it pertains to the disease area they represent. Comfort discussing programmatic issues with medical experts is necessary. Prior experience working with a non-profit organization Board and participating in medical conferences is preferred.

Meetings and Time Commitment

SNMMI will host two (2) in-person meetings of the PAAB per year to coincide with the Annual meeting (in June) and the Nuclear Medicine Awareness Week (in October). A quorum is 50% or more of the voting members will need to be established before any formal decisions can be made. Prior to these meetings and periodically throughout the year, members will be asked to review materials, solicited to provide input and offer insight on various matters, promote SNMMI programs to their constituency, and/or invited to participate in other meetings, conferences, or briefings.

The annual, estimated time commitment of serving on the Board is 20 to 25 hours. Members that choose to work on additional projects related to the Board's priorities should expect to commitment additional time commensurate to the project scope. Patient Advocacy Organization Members will be reimbursed for any ancillary expenses (e.g., travel) associated with their service on the Board per the SNMMI reimbursement policy.