Stories of Hope: Young Adults

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Stories of Hope - Young Adult
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Juliana's Story Juliana's Story:
A second opinion made all the difference.
Matt's Story Matt's Story:
I'm still continuing treatments once every two months and have another year's worth.
Kelly's Story Kelly's Story:
I do not want to ever forget that I am a Cancer Survivor.
Lauren's Story Lauren's Story:
"My new happy word is PERSEVERE... just take a look at me and know that there is hope!"
Maressa's Story Maressa's Story:
"I am a survivor and nothing can hold me back!"
Erica's Story Erica's Story:
I want to be a part of saving someone else's life starting today!
Seun's Story Seun's Story:
Cancer respects no racial, national or socio-economic barriers.
Dexter's Story Dexter's Story:
"Dexter Neal discusses his courageous journey and how involvement with LRF is now a family affair."