Harvard Business School - Patient Ideas/Inventions Challenge

The Lymphoma Research Foundation has partnered with Harvard Business School and Medical School to run a contest that we believe might be of interest to you.

In this idea contest, we are looking for ideas or homemade inventions that helped you or that you believe would help others cope with the challenges of cancer diagnosis, treatment or follow up. This contest is open to patients, their caregivers or family members.

Examples of things in common use that might have started as such ideas include:

  • A pill box that has a container for each day of the week
  • The use of ice cubes on the skin before getting a shot
  • Adaptation of a wheelchair, walker or other assistive device for some extra purpose
We all have the ability to be endlessly inventive, and we hope you are interested in submitting your ideas to this contest.

The team at Harvard has provided a web-based platform where submissions can be uploaded securely. Prizes will range from $500 to $1,000. In addition, we may try to match winning ideas to investigators and laboratories or other “makers” who might be able to co-create a solution with you. Please click here to submit your idea.

If you have any questions, please contact