Annals of Lymphoma

LRF Announces Partnership with Annals of Lymphoma

The Lymphoma Research Foundation is proud to partner with the Annals of Lymphoma (AOL), an open-access, international peer-reviewed electronic journal with worldwide distribution that publishes articles around key findings in basic and translational science, and clinical research relating to human lymphoma. This first-of-its-kind partnership was announced September 2017 during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, in an effort to establish more direct lines of communication between the patient and research communities.

“For those who have dedicated their lives to the study of lymphoma or to advocating on behalf of patients, we understand that we must continually innovate to develop new therapies and treat patients - not just their disease,” said Bruce D. Cheson, MD, FACP, FAAS, FASCO, Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Lymphoma and past-Chair of LRF’s Scientific Advisory Board from 2010-2012. “This commitment demands a collaborative approach to address the evolving needs of the lymphoma community, inspiring new partnerships such as this throughout our field.”

For more information about this partnership, click here for the announcement letter published in the Annals of Lymphoma or the LRF-AOL press release.