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Communicating with our elected officials is an important way in which people with lymphoma and their caregivers and loved ones can champion increased support for lymphoma research and federal efforts to improve cancer care in the United States. When you register to receive LRF Advocacy Program email alerts, you will help ensure that the voice of the lymphoma community is heard!

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Take Action - Tell Your Legislators to Support the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act!

Intravenous (IV) treatments have long been the primary method of cancer treatment. Today, oral treatments have become more prevalent and are an important treatment option for many types of cancer, including several lymphoma subtypes. Since oral anti-cancer medications are often covered under a health plan’s prescription benefit, many patients are responsible for extremely high and unmanageable co-pays. As these medications become more prevalent in the treatment of cancer, they must be as affordable as their IV counterparts.

The Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act would remedy this inequity by ensuring equality of access and insurance coverage for ALL anti-cancer regimens. Please take a minute to send an email to your Legislators, asking them to support this legislation.

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