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Communicating with our elected officials is an important way in which people with lymphoma and their caregivers and loved ones can champion increased support for lymphoma research and federal efforts to improve cancer care in the United States. When you register to receive LRF Advocacy Program email alerts, you will help ensure that the voice of the lymphoma community is heard!

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Make Your Voice Heard: Call and Write Your U.S. Senators

After delaying a vote, Senators are now back in Washington, DC and are trying to develop a new version of a healthcare reform bill. The updated bill is expected this week, with a vote to follow next week. The only way to make certain that the voices of people with lymphoma and CLL are heard is to contact both of your Senators directly.

Based on the information provided about this legislation, we know:

  • Cancer survivors are at risk of losing vital protections for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Premiums and out-of-pocket costs will increase for millions of Americans.
  • Insurance plans will be less comprehensive and may not cover all the treatments cancer patients and survivors need.
  • Medicaid, a critical safety net for the most vulnerable Americans, will be cut dramatically.
  • Annual and life-time cap protections would be eliminated for millions of people.

As discussions on the future of healthcare in this country continue in Washington, the Lymphoma Research Foundation continues to strongly advocate for people with lymphoma and CLL. We need your help at this critical time to make certain that every Senator understands what is a stake for people with lymphoma and CLL.

Please call (844) 257-6227 and tell your Senators how you feel about the current health care bill. Even if you’ve called before, please call again. You can also send a message directly to your U.S. Senators through LRF's Action Center and tell them that every lymphoma and CLL patient needs access to quality, affordable cancer care.

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