Why Lymphoma Awareness Matters

Since lymphoma is a complicated and diverse disease, awareness and education are powerful tools in the Foundation’s efforts to find a cureThere are no signs or symptoms of lymphoma, and a significant period of time (usually defined by years) has passed during which there are no relapses.. Currently, there are nearly one million people in the United States living with, or in remissionThe absence of disease. Remission does not necessarily indicate that a person is cured. Patients may have complete or partial remission. from, lymphoma, the most common form of blood cancerAbnormal cell growth that cannot be controlled by the body's natural defenses. Cancerous cells can grow and eventually form tumors.. In fact, every five minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with a type of lymphoma.

In an effort to raise awareness and provide hope to all impacted by this blood cancer, the Lymphoma Research Foundation has launched a variety of awareness campaigns. LRF honors Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September with a variety of activities intended to educate people about lymphoma. The Foundation also utilizes the power of social media to engage, inform, and connect with those affected by lymphoma.

Learn about the Foundation’s various awareness initiatives and ways in which you can get involved.