Become an Advocate

Many people think that they must travel to Washington, DC to make their voices heard by our lawmakers, but in reality, they are more concerned about what you are saying than where you are saying it. That is why the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) Advocacy program makes it simple for you to communicate with the people who set policy and make laws – all from the comfort of your home or office.

When you register to become an LRF advocate, you will join a network of more than 5,000 Americans who want to make certain the voice of the lymphoma community is heard. Once registered, you will begin to receive regular advocacy updates from LRF. These Advocacy Alerts enable you to make a meaningful difference in just minutes. When you receive an Advocacy Alert, LRF will describe a policy issue and the way in which it affects people with lymphoma. This email alert will prompt you to visit the LRF website for additional information, and provide you with a standard email message that you can personalize and send to your representatives in Congress. Participating in an LRF Advocacy Alert takes just minutes, but is a critically important part of the Foundation’s efforts to ensure that the needs of the lymphoma community are addressed by federal lawmakers.

Many Ways to Become Involved

For members of the lymphoma community who wish to become even more involved, the LRF Advocacy Program offers volunteers a variety of unique opportunities and activities, including:

  • Attending in-person meetings with members of Congress, to educate them about lymphoma
  • Submitting letters to the editor and op-eds to local newspapers which cover issues important to lymphoma patients and survivors
  • Working with local lawmakers to pass resolutions and proclamations recognizing the importance of lymphoma research and education programming
  • Representing LRF and the lymphoma community on a variety of state committees
  • Participating in town hall meetings and other local forums on behalf of LRF

To learn more about these opportunities, email LRF at

Represent LRF at the National Level

Advocates have the opportunity to affect policy decisions at the national level by becoming a members or representative on a number of federal advisory councils and panels. These are unique opportunities for LRF advocates who want to engage with lymphoma policy at the highest level. These advisory panels exist as parts of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services, and other governmental institutions. Volunteers in these positions advise the appropriate body on issues affecting the lymphoma community ranging from federal funding and research grants to new drug approvals.

Details for these opportunities are often made public with a very short window of opportunity, and require a letter of nomination by an organization such as LRF. As they are made available to the public, LRF will publish descriptions of these opportunities in the Public Policy and Advocacy News section of the LRF website.