Inspiring Impact: LRF’s Support Services

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) provides support services to members of the lymphoma community through a series of programs and services.  Today, your support can help us expand LRF’s Helpline services, patient aid grants, educational programming, and distribution of LRF disease-specific materials to local oncologists.

Ways You Can Support Lymphoma Patients


LRF’s Lymphoma Helpline assists more than 10,000 patients and caregivers each year.  Your support of this program will help expand LRF’s Lymphoma Helpline services, increasing our ability to answer the much-needed calls of patients and their loved ones regarding treatment options, clinical trials, and support services, including our one-to-one peer support program.


“I have been a volunteer in the Lymphoma Support Network for over 10 years and I wish that I had access to program back in 1997 when I was diagnosed. I have spoken to so many people all along the spectrum of their lymphoma journey and I think have gotten as much out of the conversations as I have contributed. You find out how different doctors approach lymphoma and hear about the amazing developments accomplished through research. Most importantly perhaps, real friendships have developed with other patients and survivors and I have enjoyed their successes like they are my own.”

– John Groskopf, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Survivor

Ways You Can Support Lymphoma Patients


The Foundation provides financial assistance to lymphoma patients who are currently undergoing active treatment to help offset associated costs. With more than 60 percent of calls to LRF’s Lymphoma Helpline from people seeking financial support, you can help provide additional grants to those who need it most.


“After getting over the shock of my son’s diagnosis, I did what most parents would do and rushed to the Internet to find out all I could. The Lymphoma Research Foundation was the most complete and helpful resource that I found. How amazing to think that someone or some group of people were compassionate enough to realize that the additional cost of traveling to and from treatment could be a burden to some families coping with lymphoma. The grants from LRF were so important in helping to defray the cost of public transportation, gas and parking as my son’s treatment regime increased from once to twice weekly almost continuously for almost two years.”

– Shindy Johnson, Caregiver

Ways You Can Support Lymphoma Patients


LRF’s in-person education programs provide essential information to more than 7,500 people affected by a lymphoma diagnosis each year.  These programs offer lymphoma patients across the country direct access to disease-specific information from the top experts in the field, and your donations can help ensure lymphoma patients and caregivers have access to these leading experts.


“I had only met one other lymphoma survivor before I attended the North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma over a year after my diagnosis. The impact of connecting with other survivors, learning about the disease and finding out about new research was profound in changing my perspective. I found that I could sleep better at night. I felt a sense of hope.

After attending and absorbing all the information presented my husband and I decided to have a child. My daughter is 2 years old now and is the joy of our lives. LRF supported me and provided answers and a sense of hope that allowed me to move forward with my life. It gave me the courage I needed to have my dream of being a mother.”

– Juliana Fuller, Follicular Lymphoma Survivor

Ways You Can Support Lymphoma Patients

LRF Publications

LRF’s disease-specific fact sheets and patient guides provide comprehensive, scientifically-verified and up-to-date information that patients have come to rely on. These materials are offered free-of-charge, and your support can help put materials into the hands of those in traditionally underserved communities.


“My patients as well as members of our care team are most thankful for the trusted resources such as booklets and fact sheets made available by the Lymphoma Research Foundation to help them in their time of need. These publications offer accurate and comprehensive overviews of specific diagnoses that provide tailored and credible information for patients and their families during an often confusing time.”

– Brian Link, MD (University of Iowa)