Third Party Events

We are most grateful to those who wish to support the mission to erase lymphoma by planning a fundraising event to benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF).  LRF is accountable to the public and Internal Revenue Service for fundraising activities using the name of the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Third party events which meet certain criteria will be considered for approval. LRF defines a Third-Party Event as any fundraising activity by a non-affiliated group or individual, where LRF has no fiduciary or production responsibilities.

The following information is offered to serve as standards for those who organize special events, benefits or promotions on behalf of LRF.

Things To Keep In Mind

A Third Party Letter of Agreement is requested to be in place prior to conducting a public third party fundraiser for LRF. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to complete the agreement prior to launching your fundraiser.

In accordance with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance’s guidelines for charitable promotions, all advertising and promotional materials for your event must clearly disclose to the public the specific amount of money from the consumer’s action that will be donated to LRF (i.e., “$10 of each ticket purchased,” or “10% of the sales price of this product,” “100% of auction proceeds” etc.).

All promotional materials should state that your event is to benefit LRF, and not imply a co-branded event. The use of the Lymphoma Research Foundation name or logo must be approved prior to production or distribution.

All necessary permits and certificates of insurance required by city ordinance or otherwise are the responsibility of the fundraising group.

To support your event, LRF is able to:

  • Provide a letter to your organization to validate the authenticity and intention of the event and its organizers.
  • Provide advice and council on event planning, as time allows.
  • Include a national or regional listing of your event on the LRF online event calendar.
  • Provide complimentary LRF educational materials to display at your event.
  • Attend your special event to serve as a guest speaker as location and schedules allow.
  • Provide a representative for your check presentation as location and schedules allow.
  • Accept and acknowledge direct donations to LRF made by personal check or credit card with donor contact information.

LRF is unable to:

  • Allow the third party to use the LRF tax identification number to solicit sponsorships or donations for the event.
  • Advance money, solicit sponsorship revenue or sell tickets on behalf of your group.
  • Pay for or reimburse any expenses associated with the event or promotion.
  • Allow third party event fees or sponsorships to be paid directly to LRF.
  • Provide tax acknowledgements for sponsorships or consumer purchases affiliated with a third party event.
  • Share LRF mailing lists or actively solicit funds or participation in your event.

We look forward to hearing from you and to learning about your fundraising ideas. Please complete our Partnership Inquiry.