Focus on Lymphoma App


Focus on Lymphoma is the first app to provide patients and their caregivers with tailored content based on lymphoma subtype, and actionable tools to better manage diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehensive lymphoma management, conveniently in one secure and easy-to-navigate app, no matter where you are on the care continuum. Get the right information, first, with resources from the entire Lymphoma Research Foundation content library, use unique tracking and reminder tools, and connect with a community of specialists and patients.

For iPhone, iPad, and Android–for free!

The Focus on Lymphoma app is designed for

Lymphoma Patients

Individuals who are awaiting a diagnosis, recently diagnosed, soon-to-be treated, or in treatment

Lymphoma Survivors

Individuals who have been declared in remission or cured from lymphoma by a healthcare professional

Caregivers and Family Members

Caregivers and/or family members of someone with lymphoma

Healthcare Professionals

Physicians and nurses who treat and care for someone with lymphoma

A suite of actionable features that empowers lymphoma patients and survivors

Comprehensive onboarding process

Advanced medication tracking

Symptom tracking

Direct connection to the LRF Helpline

Appointment tracking

Blood count tracking

Personalized checklist for CAR T cell therapy

Multi-media educational content

Discover how Learn, Track, and Connect provide you with the knowledge and support you need to feel empowered along your journey


Explore educational content tailored to your subtype and disease stage and learn at your own pace. Learn about:

  • Lymphoma diagnosis
  • Treatment options
  • Recent advances in lymphoma research
  • Clinical trials
  • Cellular therapies, such as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy


A full suite of customized tools helps you track, manage, and organize your lymphoma-related information, all in one convenient place.

  • Schedule medication reminders
  • Track medication adherence
  • Track symptom frequency and severity
  • Track blood work results
  • Track doctor’s appointments
  • Record doctor sessions and take notes


Connect with an entire community for peer and individualized support.

  • Connect directly to the LRF Helpline
  • Gain access to the Lymphoma Support Network for peer support
  • Learn about clinical trials
  • Learn about, and register, for free educational programs

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